Pitbull and Christina To Perform on The Voice Finale

Mr. Worldwide & Xtina are about to heat things up on The Voice Finale on 6/18 at 8/7c. Tune in to NBC to watch the duo perform "Feel This Moment"! Download “Feel This Moment” on iTunes here!

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I really admire you
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Went to the Pitbull/Ke$ha concert in Chula Vista, CA, Sunday night. He was fabulous and spectacular. Totally connected with the Latino and Mexicano attendees that increased the intensity overall. His smile is incredible and I loved every minute of his presence. Whoever brought Ke$ha to open for him should be shot! She was gross, filthy mouthed, dancers imitated having sex including her, and the big, blow-up penis was ridiculous. She is an embarrassment and needs to be taken away from Pitbull's spotlight. Love you, Dale!