Not really a question, but a statement.

Hey, my name's Jasmine and I'm from New Zealand and today I walked for about 3 hours in the pouring rain and blizzardous wind to buy your c.d Rebelution, and I can say sincerily that it was worth the 21 dollars, and brain freeze.
I love your music and have been following it for about three years now, and I'm so happy that you're being heard more around the world, especially here, the little island of NZ where someday (I hope) you'll come, no hints intended Wink

Once again, I love your album, I love all of them and I appreciate your hard work and strong focus because it shows so much, and when I listen to your music I know I'm listening to inspiration and something else that can't be summed up with simple words.

Anyway, that's it.

Posted by Jasmine19