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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...First i Hate Pit But inside of my mind i like him very much.I don't listen their songs.I like his style and attitude.And i listen their first song in 2010 Maldito alcohol.It's very fantastic song.Then i download more songs of pitbull. I download the album Planet Pit and listen the first song Rain Over Me you know the song.....how it feels DALE!!!. When i saw the video of Rain Over Me i like his dressing sense and his eye wear very fantastic ay mi madre!!!. The i connected to facebook like pages of pitbull and share,comment and like pit's photos and status.
I make many fan friends in my account.And I wanna say at last 305 Till I Die....DALE!!!
pitbull is my love, my life, my attitude, my style, my everyday, is pitbull...DALE!!!

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