James Ward advice To Try To Choose Foods For Weight Loss

Try to choose foods that are high in protein and low in fat and simple carbohydrates. Such "swing" activate metabolism and weight will descend again.

Strength in water - After weight training, go to the sauna. You can also add to their "menu of beauty" wraps and special baths, if you have no contraindications. One of the most effective for weight loss is salt. James Ward dissolve in warm water 500 g of sea salt. Take a bath for 20 minutes; the water temperature should be 37-38 C. Then, take a shower and lie down for half an hour at least under a warm blanket.
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IMPORTANT slimming - If the "plateau effect" occurred after prolonged repetitive workouts, you cannot change any diet or exercise plan, and just take a break from sports for 1-2 weeks. Or change the classroom - from morning to evening.

Does slimming plan for Lent - It is believed that fasting helps to lose weight. Some of us even expected occurrence of Lent, to finally take up the figure. What could be "no such" innocent in thought, "Here and lose weight?" People will only eat certain foods in a certain period of time; a realization that fasting but will become closer to God, help move the separation of meat, sweets and other illicit products. Believer thinks this idea at best frivolous. A nutritionist questioned the effectiveness of the selected "diet".
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