A Mother's day gift

Dear Pitbull, my name is Alexa. I know it's early for me to start thinking about mother's day, but this may take some time to bring to your attention. I have a huge favor to ask of you. For the last year my mom and I have struggled with helping my grandmother in her last days; as a result from this, I am super broke because our duty with my grandma is 24/7 and we can't work. Every year I like to shock my mom with some creative present, but some money is always involved. This year is different, I really don't have a penny, SO...after seeing my mom dancing in front of the TV watching the latin grammys when you performed (hahaha it was funny, I cought her saying: "oh mi Pitbull, que lindo!") I was wondering if you could somehow send her a video wishing her a happy mother's day. She LOVES you, she went crazy for you during premios lo nuestro. Not much makes her happy these days, but I know this would make her cry, but of happiness. Please, help me make my mom happy for mother's day.
Thank you for reading! I wish you all the best success, you are amazing! y se te nota que eres lindo como mi mami dice, por eso fue mi atrevimiento, disculpa..
PS my email address is lexvelar@gmail.com and my mom's is magguerrero@aol.com, and my mom's name is Maggie

Posted by lexvelar