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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because when I started listening to your music, everyone gave me crap living in the Midwest saying what's this noise you listening and I am likes it crunk and crunk has dance (I cannot do it, but I am fierce salsa dancer). In 2002 I was down the shore in NJ and they played anything that was up and coming. I was hooked from then. Culo, Bon Bon, love love M.I.A.M.I . There is NOT one song I don't like. I love all the dance hits, but your diss to Lil Wayne showed you still have what it takes to rap a song and not it be a dance song and I loved it, it showed you have not lost where you came from. I watched the VH1 special and when you talked about your abuelita doing zumba with the mop, it's soo true, only the Cubans would understand. Mucho Besos!!!! Ingrid

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