To Armando

This is for Armando Christian Perez- not Mr. 305, not Mr. Worldwide and not for Pitbull.
I noticed you one night when nothing else was going on. Your “Behind the Music” episode stopped my remote flipping.
I thought I had possibly heard of you but, to be honest, never really paid attention.
“Give Me Everything”—a huge hit….I had never heard until that night and now I have heard it a million times.
Something about you had me mesmerized?
I, a single mother, raised by a single mother could relate in many ways to your story…more than that, I was impressed by you.
I’m not impressed by these personas you have created but, I understand the motivation behind it. I believe it was done in order for you to create other things in your life…success in business, ability to give back…self-awareness.
The man I believe wrote the lyrics that to be truthful, in first listen, are crude, sex-driven and often irrelevant…sought satisfaction not in material or awards but, the knowledge of the creation of something from nothing. The ability to gain respect, business success and a show of cultural pride that resonates and is demonstrated in your ability to speak for the Latin community in a way that creates real impact. You want to be relevant in world…I believe the finished product of this massive creation will be just that…relevant. Mr. Worldwide can never accomplish this…he can create fantasy, fun and even sexual arousal but, how is that creating positive movement or as you like to call it “a revolution”?
Please do not take any of this as criticism. You have created castles in the sand that are firm in faith and sealed with your hard work and belief in yourself. How did you know your destiny?
You deserve all Props for living with passion, commitment to succeed and strong work ethic. You create music that lifts and makes people want to dance. More than that, you help to drive the dreams of kids who feel stuck…you prove in all ways…your way out, is what you believe can get you where you want to go.
You are simple…I was surprised by that. You are very complex…your vision of invasion, building an empire and creating wealth…creates your need of constant evolvement and re-invention…yet, you are still the man at the core who only needs to be “himself” in order to create “true” success.
I have seen a lot of interviews you have done since 2009 and one thing always stands out…your desire to always be more than what you are at any point in time.
One thing that truly disappoints…
I wonder how someone who is so passionate, driven and talented never acknowledges the one constant in the world…LOVE. Have you never been in love? Why?
I am a FAN but, not for reasons others are. I am a fan of the man who I hope can feel secure enough one day to come out of the shadows of Mr. Worldwide. That is the man I cannot wait to see! It will be amazing to see all you achieve ---THAT will be your ultimate level of success.

A Fan of Armando Christian Perez

Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crece la palma,
Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma.

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