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Rain Drops
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What's victory with no loss?
What's smiling with no tears?
What's love with no hate?
What's courage with no fear?

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... i cant describe or express my feelings in a perfect way here but im going to tell my feelings in a short way because if i was going to write what i really feel i will never finish it .
ive loved pitbull for 9 years , i still love him and i always will <3 , he's my inspiration, idol, love, half, soulmate, his voice is my addiction , to be honest, i dont know why i love him and i will never know but what i know is that he's my escape from this world , whenever i felt down he's the only one who could get me up, when i listen to his music i feel like i got the whole world in my hand , im not just a fan im a lover , he taught me how to fight, struggle, never give up, and to succeed , u should all love him because he simply inspires. im not selfish or arrogant but i have to confess that nobody loves him the way i do , and nobody will, when he came to israel " global warming tour" i stopped his car and i was about to die for him :'( :'( , yeah im the only one who did , at least in israel, and i love him the most also in israel,im sure that nobody loves him the way i do in the whole world , but let's say "just in israel", i really wanted to take a pic with him but i couldnt , till today i feel like dying Sad :( Sad :( Sad :( Sad :( Sad but its ok ill keep trying and ill never stop till i achieve my goal . IM READY TO DIE FOR MY BABY AND I DID IT ONCE , Pitt,, I HOPE YOU'LL READ THIS . I LOVE YOU SO FUCCKING MUCH , LOTS LOTS LOTS OF LOVE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 FOREVER A WORLDWIDER , 305 TILL I DIE , #DALE
XO Sexy
DANA . <3

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