Song Title Video Lyrics Buy It
1 Play Track Triumph (Feat. Avery Storm)
2 Play Track Shut It Down (Feat. Akon)
3 Play Track I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
4 Play Track Girls
5 Play Track Full Of S**t (Feat. Nayer & Bass III Euro)
6 Play Track Dope Ball (Interlude)
7 Play Track Can't Stop Me Now
8 Play Track Hotel Room Service
9 Play Track Juice Box
10 Play Track Call Of The Wild
11 Play Track Krazy (Feat. Lil Jon)
12 Play Track Give Them What They Ask For
13 Play Track Across The World (Feat. B.O.B.)
14 Play Track Daddy's Little Girl (Feat. Slim)


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