Need Pitbull to Perform at my SWEET 16!!!

Hi my name is Krishna,
Is there a way I can get Pitbull to come to Florida for a REALLY BIG PARTY!! Im turning 16 next year and im having a very big sweet 16 party with at least 200-400 people coming maybe even more! and I would really want pitbull to perform! It would mean soo much to me! Please Please Please! my party will be in February, I dont know the exact date ill find out in like november! But still I Really want Pitbull to perform at my Sweet 16 Party! And I know he is a big star and he's probably got better things to do then to come to a girls sweet 16 but this party is gonna be big with alot of people and if he performs its basically like a concert! and Im like the biggest fan of Pitbull I love all his songs! Trust me ALOT OF PEOPLE will be there! and its gonna be a really big party, my parents have already started planning because its gonna be HUGE!
And if money has to payed, how much? Cause my parents are willing to pay

So please Email me back at

ThankYou! Smile

Posted by krishna98