See Pit Perform at the VMA's

Are you Pitbull's biggest fan? Then enter below to win tickets to see Pit perform at this year's MTV VMA's!

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Hello friend.
have msn?

It was unrealistic to join the show.. but I am really disappointed that I can't even watch the video of the VMA's why doesn't it work in Austria?? :/

Qvo Mr Perez <3
Dammiit papii tu musiica . .. daiigm theiirs just no words to descriibe iit. es lo mas mejor que ay.Get the party started . hook iit up wiith a paiir of tiickets papii. that could be my anniversary present from you.=) or atleast some "SPECIiiAL PHOTOS" of you ; )
your numero una heather aka loca i know u want me you know ii want you. muahhhh. . .. . love

hey its your biggest fan suzis never ben to nyc ,love to see you again in person i ben to all the calle ocho pro, ready would live to meet you in person ,if not ill be watchin love your music god blessand keep up the great work

its your biggest fan suzis ,would love to meet you in person love your music ,god blessand keep up the great work


whats up pitbull,,,,,just want you to know that i play your music everywhere i go to make sure everyone hears you music,,,,from san diego all the way to my home town in spain....i don't need coffee to wake up,,,just play somo of your music and that hypes me up to be ready for the day,,,anyway, good luck with everything you do. i hope to see you perform in san diego this month

que bola chulo? wish i could be their but got make that money...wish u the best i know u gonna shut it down ..cant wait to see you back in H-TOWN ..

Hi, Pitbull, Armando, wishing you are fine and all your family, what about some tickets, to see you performing in Las Vegas, i am wishing to go to see you at The House of Blues, on September 26th, but, I don't know if I can make it.

Well, If I can not make it, if I can not. I wish you a wonderful performing night, GOOD LUCK, BLESSINGS AND NICE THING'S TO YOU. BEAUTIFUL GUY, OUR PITBULL.