A suggestion


I am a big fan!! born and raised in NJ lived in Elizabeth, while my parents were of Italian/Spain descent I am a CUBAN!!! Lived in a predominently Cuban neighborhood, my best friends were Cuban my favorite food is cuban and I even speak like a cuban. My childhood best friends father owns "El Especialito" newspaper today. Someday I hope to live in Miami where for whatever reason my HEART really is.

Anyway, the reason for my note waas to make a suggestion, since you are a master at what you do and you can turn words or old songs into todays biggest hits I had a thought. The other day while flipping through radio stations here in NJ I came across an old, really old, Spanish song. Not sure of the original artist but many have recreated it and I thought it would be HOT for PIT and his crew to come up with your redition of GUANTANAMERA great lyrics and I am certain it would bring many people back to happier times in their lives.

Well that was my BIG IDEA!!! Hope I was not too far off base on this! Take care! KEEP bringing us your FANTASTIC music!

Bill in NJ

Posted by bdonadio