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In even know what to say when you hear the first song from him. It was a love between me and the music, I was mad, and when they knew it was going to have a concert here in pernambuco I caught and said I'm going to this show, and I was! When I saw him caught stepping on that stage, I cried and cried. When you have your idol, you put in your head that wants to know that singer and a take over, one forgets, puts poster in his room photos on their notebooks, sometimes even cry without knowing what the cause of those tears being shed. The love between a desperate fans dreaming to meet your unique Idol, an Idol you was like all of a sudden out of nowhere you know. It happened to me and still is happening and can happen to you, do not think that is ridicularidade or something else, is that it is more a wish that the person has a dream that is almost difficult to accomplish, the more you believe is realized in a flash, as yet not happened to me, maybe more, right. I can realize my dream, Knowing my great idol now, Pitbull (singer) ♥. To everything there is a reason, and the reason for me being a fan, it is my love, the way you sing, the way you get your fans, that leaves one boot and crazy in the head I'll meet my idol I'll meet my idol, and just having that unexpected moment, what you both wanted had its day, had his time, took his time! The kisses, the hugs, the charisma that an idol has for his fan, and this brand knows how to love a person, almost impossible to forget! Right to know where to start. I always saw people putting photos of their artists on the album and making texts endless, endless, and always thought the biggest nonsense, because I thought "they do not know that you exist in a certain way" and finally, I felt silly, slapstick up. But it's not because I felt what they felt, all that love, I never had a love so an artist, not that way, that measure. It's too much love, but love is so much that does not fit, do not explain, do not understand. Until you came and made me feel all this, the point of having to put it out a little in public to not suffocate me both. I can not stand looking videos, but since it's what I do, I look for videos of you, I try to keep track of what you do, your projects, your steps, where you go, what you gonna do, what you did, what you are doing, with whom you walk, finally, it's crazy I know, but if not it would not be crazy love. Fan Love is the most pure and beautiful love that exists. Our love can move mountains, oceans and able to move the miles that make our world and our idols apart. We are capable of loving someone who is not even that little, we are able to give us a whole, to wake up, breathe, to live the cost of a single dream that is able to touch them, and say how great this love. Fan's love has no boundaries of geography, physical or mental, because there is no limit to love. Love is for all who are willing to go crazy. Fan's love surpasses all unfair criticism and bad phases of their idol. He overcomes everything and todos.Não not matter if you are with your idol from the beginning, but if you will be with him until the end. There is no person more or less fan fan, there are only true fans, those who beat their chests with pride and say:'' I'm a fan'' without fear of hearing what people around will think or say, without fear of being judged by loving someone. My love, I know my day will come, the day I can hug you and say whatever you feel by looking into his eyes. I know one day I'll be on your show totally freaking out and singing like crazy. And I know that day is not far, I believe. I love you too! And every time I read about things you have more and more orgulho.Eu love of an irrational way, I wanted you to know that, I wanted with all my might, but probably will not happen anytime soon if ever. But I do not care, at least here in my heart I'll always know how much I love you. Because I do not know if I'll ever be able to touch you, I can say whatever I feel personally, but I still do not give up. You know what I do to dispel the sadness and longing? I see thousands of your photos that I have, I hear his compositions, see your favorite movies ... This is just a way to keep me close to you. Because I know that love never ends fan, and while I do not see you, I write to alleviate some of the homesickness and the desire to hug you. I love your way, their tastes, their laughter, their compositions and especially the love he has for his work. I love you! Meeu: Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull) ♥ ♥ I love you, in a way that had never appeared in my life that I would become a fan: $ Teamo, teamo, teamo, teamo ♥

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