Pitbull In CANADA !

I think, that it would be a great thing of Pitbull decided he go to Canada. But, not only Canada, but Moncton New Brunswick. I know it's not a big place compared to all the Locations Pitbull have been to. BUT ! Other artists also go to Moncton. Maybe, even if Moncton is in fact too small for him. What about Halifax, Nova Scotia ? It's big, filled with people and not to mention the nearest locations. I live in Amherst, 4 hours away. And if Pitbull decided to go to Halifax, I would be one of the first people to buy a ticket. FOR SURE. So, Pitbull.. i know this isn't a letter to you or anything. BUT, if you happen to see this, or any of your workers, 'cause i REALLY doubt you're gonna be chillin on your own site, take my opinion into consideration. You know you wanna Wink

Posted by JuicyJay