B'Day Party!!!

B'Day Party!!!
Hey Mr. 305!!!
This Is <==B1==>
I Just Wanna Know
Wat Shall I Do
4 U 2 Perform
At My B'Day Party?!...
I <3 U'r Muzik!!!
Ever Since "Culo"
Up 2 "HRS"
It Would B Da
Greatest Thang
N My Life
If U Could Come!!!
Please Let Me Know
If There's Any Chance Ok?!...
Love, From Mexico!!!

*B'Day: Mar 1st 1990
*Party: Saturday Feb 27th 2010
*Home: (722) 1990075
*Cell:(722) 4179229
*E-Mail: bgv_1390@hotmail.com

PS: U Should Make Another Single
With Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins!!!
Ya'll 3 Together R The Best!!!

Posted by bgv_1390