Pitbull imposter/ticketmaster scam

I hope this gets to the right person or at least Pitbull followers will beware!
My partner and myself are big Pitbull fans and love his music to work out to etc so we googled him and purchased tickets through Ticketmaster for a show at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, Canada.
The concert was to take place on July 26th. When we arrived at the venue on the date we were informed by the also shocked wait staff that it would not be the real Pitbull performing but a DJ calling himself Pitbull! and the event was to be a World Pride event not One World or World wide...we couldn't believe it!! We were out over $200.00 and had to drive to the event in T.O. and pay for dinner parking etc!! We were not the only ones at the event who had been scammed and when we attempted to follow up with Ticketmaster we were told "NO REFUNDS".
Not only did we not get to see the guy we had looked forward to seeing since January! we didn't even get our money back or get comp tickets so we could see him at a later date!!
Thought Pitbull's people and fans should know.
Angie and Bill

Posted by aandbhudson