Katie Couric Interviews Pitbull

Pitbull sat down with Katie Couric to talk about his journey from the streets of Miami to Mr. Worldwide. Take a look below!

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Wow someone interviews Pitbull.I love Pitbull this is so cool he is becoming more popular everyday.I think he is the one of the best artists around America.Also around world.I love him he is one of the best singers ever.Daleeeee Pitbull.

I was on another social site talking to some U.K. rap artists that are very young in their career. They informed me that 1) Tupac isn't as good as "we" say he is. 2) U.K hip hop is more real. 3) That they have girlfriends. I informed them that, "All American Hip Hop artists are single, because, they are truly married to lyrics and beats." lol Just for the record, I was totally murked by 5 U.K. artists, but I thought I did well, me against five boys. Wink